Infrared Sauna

Enjoy the benefits of an Infrared Sauna for relaxing, detoxing, weight loss, rejuvenating or as part of a hot/cold therapy. Sauna first then sea swim or vice versa

Can fit two people. Available to guests of Tara Retreat or open to the public. Bookings only.

We recommend a regular sauna for optimal benefits. Weekly, bi-weekly is great.

Combine with yoga or a massage at Tara Retreat for optimising your health.

Bring your own towel & water bottle, phone for ambient sounds, a book or just relax in blissful silence. We provide towels to sit on and for splash down after.

We suggest wearing togs, a lava lava, wrap or cotton Turkish towel in the sauna.

There is no shower but we have a splash bucket or spray mist bottle for use after your sauna experience. It is good to shower beforehand or use a body brush for better sweating/detox experience and have a shower soon after you get home.

30 minutes – $25.00 pp/ $40.00 for two. 45mins – $35.00 pp/$60.00 for two

5 trip ticket – $100pp (30 mins) or $150pp (45 mins)

To book: email or phone 0210279 7970