Introducing massage therapist extraordinaire Nicola Bradburn (Dip TM)…

I specialise in therapeutic, sport & injury massage, focussing on posture and structural function through deep tissue remedial massage, stretching, reiki and gentle mobilisation techniques (GTM). 

Outside my clinic, I have extensive event experience, providing pre and post event support at marathons, cycle races, the Masters Games and corporate events. 

Clients have included many sports teams and squads, aiding their training programs, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

My studio Tara Retreat is located in the heart of Mangawhai. 

All the following therapies are helpful in: 

  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • pre and post sport event health
  • pain management and rehabilitation – especially in the musculoskeletal area
  • keeping your immunity and circulation in tip top shape
  • removing waste products from muscles and your body
  • relief of strains & sprains, headaches, structural & postural dysfunction, sciatica…..

Recommendations regarding follow up lifestyle and exercise suggestions will be given after your session.

Therapeutic Massage

Using a combination of various techniques suited to each person’s needs – including deep tissue, trigger points, stretching, mobilisation and postural assessment and alignment.  

GTM (Gentle Technique of Mobilisation) 

The process of gently releasing tight and blocked muscles or joints created by irritated/pinched nerves thus assisting in realigning the spine, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. 

GTM can be performed after your massage or separately according to your needs and normally requires just two or three treatments to gain relief. 

Reiki Energy Balancing

A very gentle energy work using non invasive touch to balance the body.

COST: $70 per hour 

For an appointment call Nicola on 021359062 or email

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