Naturopathy (or Natural Medicine) – ‘A healthy outside starts from the inside’ (Deavita)

Naturopathy is a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that recognises the body’s innate power to heal itself and can help with many health conditions, working alongside and complementing conventional medicine.

Nicola uses various tools such as therapeutic nutrition, movement, lifestyle motivators, herbal medicines or supplements and bodywork, and is your ‘support crew’ on your health & wellness journey.

Nicola will tailor your wellness plan after your first consultation and support you to reset your health with manageable goals and recommended herbal tonics, teas or supplements. Along the way we will check in to review how you are doing and make any tweaks, set new goals and overcome any new challenge along the way, and celebrate the wins and hard work you have achieved.

Your Journey can be as intense or gradual with any lifestyle changes and new herbal/supplement implementations as suits your own goals and budget. Any ‘medicine’ that can be sourced through food or from your garden is often her philosophy for ease and simplicity.

Nic’s specialities: gut health, anxiety + stress and pain free aging but can support you with many conditions including sleep issues, skin conditions, hormone health, children’s wellness and acute problems. Working with your GP, medications taken & other healthcare professionals is absolutely ‘do-able’ and safe too. 

Vitamin & supplement assessments are her ‘thing’ too so bring them all in and she will let you know if there are better ways to combine, replace or get via food.

Her passion is to help you & your family find & maintain better health, energy and joy.

Tara Retreat has an onsite herbal dispensary and shop POP Botanicals for tonics, teas, botanical products & other goodies guests may need for their stay.

Pop in and see Nicola for a chat about all things health & wellness too – just check if the open sign is out.

Consultations can be in person or via Zoom

Naturopath consult:   $120.00            60 – 90 minutes        

Follow up:                         $70.00              up to 60 minutes

Acute consult:           $50.00              up to 30 minutes

To book: email or phone 021359062 

      Your Choice / Your Commitment / And Consistency = Great health 


Nic was ever present & consistent in checking in over the duration of the infection with assured advice and management and what to take herbal wise. All worked beautifully and will happily seek her support and expertise again.

Rachel W (Mangawhai)

I suffered anxiety, panic attacks and was menopausal, basically in a right state! With Nic’s support, herb tonics, teas and some self care techniques put in place was a happy camper and back to myself within a couple of weeks. The follow up’s were great to keep me on track – thanks!

Petra H (Auckland)

Nic helped me get on top of brain fog, sore guts and my aches & pains, which I had ignored for years until I hit the wall. Learning about looking after myself with better food choices, ‘tasty’ herbs and the help of a good gut powder set me on the right path. Now looking after myself has become top priority to keep up with the grandkids! And the tips & tricks Nic gave me are simple and now part of life.

Graham U (Wellington) 

Connect the dots + small changes = healthy happy YOU

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