What to Expect

An initial consultation usually lasts 60-90 minutes and includes an in-depth case take of current health, medical history, looking at all body systems, using diagnostic techniques and assessing any health concerns you may have. We will look at diet, nutritional status, activity, lifestyle, emotions, medical history and how the body is functioning. Then an individual treatment plan is initiated to start towards optimal health.

I put together a comprehensive picture of:

  • your current symptoms
  • your health goals
  • treatment direction

I will discuss with you the picture and together we will formulate an action plan to support your wellbeing.

Along the way we will review the effectiveness of the formulated action plan.

During the treatment I will provide you with tools to support your health goals.

Various tests may be applied to assist me in formulating an action plan including iridology, blood pressure checks, weight, pulse and tongue diagnosis and laboratory testing


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