Saturday July 8 – 9.30-5.30

Glen and Nicola are excited to be hosting a one-day, hands-on workshop where we can learn how to do kinesiology – accurate muscle testing and whole body testing – to identify areas of our body and mind under stress. You will also be empowered with FIVE easy-to-learn techniques that you can use at home to enhance muscle and organ function for yourself, your, friends and family members or your clients. No previous experience needed.


“Your DNA is NOT your destiny.” Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene activity that do not involve alteration to the genetic code, but still get passed down through the generations.

Genes can be activated and deactivated by signals from the environment – outside the cell and outside the body. This includes exposure to toxins, sunlight, foods and chemicals the brain produces when you think and feel. These techniques can help override any unwanted epigenetic activity.

In this one day course you will also learn:

Meridian pathways to raise your body’s life energy.

Release buried emotions that are holding you back in your health, wealth and relationships

Increase emotional resilience and stress tolerance and gain clear thinking.

The workshop will be run by Jeannine de Vere Hunt NZRK. Jeannine has been involved with kinesiology since 1995 and runs clinics in Whangarei and Auckland. She is also a faculty member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. She specialises in nutrition and overcoming chronic conditions, both physical and behavioural. Jeannine is a certified GAPS Practitioner, dealing with the causes of autism and other learning challenges. Other qualifications include Bowen Practitioner, Neural Organisational Technique and Natural Medicine Practitioner.

“Using muscle testing is like being able to look inside the body to find the cause of problems. Who wouldn’t want to do that and leave it to guesswork. I feel privileged to have a career that is such a contribution to our world”.


We will supply tea and coffee and some snacks, BYO lunch. If you are coming from afar and want to stay at Tara Retreat for Friday and/or Saturday night, we have a self-contained studio, cob cottage and caravan available – half price for workshop attendees ($50 p/n for cob cottage or studio, $20 for caravan – see our accommodation page for more info). Glen will also be holding his regular yoga class at Tara Retreat from 8 to 9.15 am prior to the workshop and workshop attendees are welcome to join in for free. Workshop costs $250 and numbers will be limited to just 10 participants so we can get the most out of the day.

Feel free to ring Glen on 02102797970 or email if you want to chat about the workshop and/or staying at Tara Retreat.



Thursdays 6-7pm May 4 – July 6 (matches school term)

I am excited to be holding a ten week introduction to yoga course on Thursday nights. Will be grand for a wide range of levels – for the yoga newbie, or relapsed yogi, or a current practitioner who wants to “regress to progress” and revisit and refine the basics or just someone who wants to get more movement back into their life.

Over the ten nights we will:

  • learn the fundamentals of yoga and asana (postures)
  • embody movement to breath and graceful strength elements
  • develop flowing yoga sequences and core stability
  • work on wrist mobilisation and strength
  • enhance our flexibility and squatting abilities
  • …and become better movers

You will also gain the confidence and skills to build your own home practice or join in other yoga classes.

  • Thursday nights from 6 to 7pm from May 10 to July 6 (matches the school term).
  • Held at Tara Retreat Yoga Studio, 247 Tara Road (look out for the black sign).
  • $100 for the whole ten weeks
  • Book now via or ring Glen on 02102797970.

NB – I am in Rarotonga until April 17 so will get back to you with any questions then – thanks

beginner's course


Sat Sept 3 from 10am to Ten 1pm in the Mangawhai Doman Hall

Looking for something new, fun and challenging to add to your workouts? Try Animal Flow!

Animal Flow is fast becoming a global fitness phenomenon. It is an innovative ground-based bodyweight training programme designed by US personal trainer Mike Fitch that will enhance your mobility, strength, power, endurance, balance and agility and strengthen your mind-body connection.

Whether you are a regular bootcamper, yogi, athlete or someone just wanting to get fit ahead of summer, Animal Flow is for everyone who wants to get into their peak physical condition  and have fun while getting there.

Join yoga teacher and certified Animal Flow instructor Glen Crofskey from Tara Retreat for a three hour introductory workshop designed to help you become a better mover.

Sat September 3 in the Mangawhai Domain Hall from 10am – 1pm. $25. Limited Spaces

Book through or ring Glen on 02102797970 for more info.

Check out Mike Fitch’s Youtube clip here:  

Read Glen’s article in the NZ Fitness Magazine on Mike Fitch and Animal Flow here:

AF Workshop Poster

NINE WEEK DYNAMIC YOGA COURSE – July 27 to Sept 21 (Weds 6-7.15pm)

Join Glen for a nine week course in Dynamic Yoga – build strength, stability and flexibility and learn how to Flow With Form.

Over the 9 nights we will investigate straight arm scapula strength and core stability, work on wrist mobilisation, enhance our flexibility and squatting abilities and become better movers.

We will build up to being able to perform a dynamic yoga sequence involving jumping into crow stands, moving into and out of headstands and graceful strength elements.

You will also gain the confidence and skills to build your own home practice.

Wednesday nights from 6 to 7.15pm starting July 27 (matches the school term). $100 for the whole course – book now via or ring Glen on 02102797970 – it will be challenging, but safe and fun!

Dynamic: meaning of

Pronunciation: /dʌɪˈnamɪk/

Adjective (of a process or system): characterised by constant change, activity, or progress

(of a person): positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

Noun:  a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

Dynamic Yoga Course Poster Final

Mangawhai Movement Camp – Mon Jan 18, Wed Jan 20  & Fri Jan 22  from 8 – 9.30am

Yoga + Calisthenics + Animal Flow = More Movement… 

Join yoga teacher Glen Crofskey for three sessions that will provide an alternative, fun and natural way to boost strength, enhance flexibility and increase your range and quality of movement.

beast reach

We will combine traditional yoga with bodyweight exercises, breathing techniques and animal flow movement patterns – as well as work on our squats, planks, leaps and dynamic presses – and morph into apes, crows, crabs and crocodiles in a quest to bring more movement back into our bodies….

$50 for all three sessions.

Check out

Register or ask any questions through

or feel free to ring  Glen on 02102797970

Movement Workshop Flyer

Kickstart 2016 Yoga Week – Jan 11 to 15 2016 loaded beast

Make a positive start to your year with an energising week of daily yoga classes in Mangawhai. Glen Crofskey from Tara Retreat Yoga is running five morning sessions from Monday 11th to Friday 15th January 2016 that will be part workshop, part flowing asana, part strength work, which should leave you with a greater range of motion and ease.

We will be learning and/or refining sun salutes and other flowing yoga sequences, working on improving strength and flexibility and make a positive start to the year. Beginners and more experienced yogis are most welcome.

Restricted to eight participants, One hour classes start at 9am at Tara Retreat Yoga Studio, 247 Tara Road, Mangawhai. $60 for the whole five mornings, including a revitalising hot chai.

Also check out

Feel free to contact Glen through to register and ask any questions or on 02102797970

Workshop Flyer

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